A.C. Technician


HVAC, A/C Service & Gas Refilling Rates

Services Details Rates in PKR
AC Fitting / Installation 2,000
AC Removal(if shifting or changing properties) 1,000
Normal AC Service / Cleaning Charges (without removing units) 1,000 (or 500 per unit)
Full AC Service / Cleaning Charges (We will remove both inner & outer units to clean) 2,000 (or 1,000 per unit)
Cassette Unit Service Call for Price
HVAC, Central Cooling System & Commercial Chiller Service (We also do Maintenance & Repair) Call for Price
AC Gas Refilling (Guaranteed USA Honeywell R22 Gas) *2,000
Fridge / Refrigerator / Deep Freezer Gas Refilling (Guaranteed USA Honeywell Gas) Call For Quote

*Our Gas is guaranteed to be original USA Honeywell (This has more cooling & is better than cheap Chinese gas).