HVAC, A/C Service & Gas Refilling

HVAC, A/C Service & Gas Refilling Rates Services Details Rates in PKR AC Fitting / Installation 2,000 AC Removal (if shifting or changing properties) 1,000 Normal AC Service / Cleaning Charges (without removing units) 1,000 (or 500 per unit) Full AC Service / Cleaning Charges (We will remove both inner […]



Cleaner & Janitor

Cleaner & Janitor Rates Services Details Rates in PKR Per Day Basis(Janitor will work one day only) Call For Price Per Week Basis (Janitor will work for a whole week) 5,000 per week Per Month Basis (Janitor will work for the whole month) 15,000 per month

Paint Work

Paint Work Rates Services Details Rates in PKR Wall Painting Service Wall Paint Per Foot Rs. 8 Wall Paint Per Foot (with Material) Call for Price Wallpaper Per Foot Call for Price Polishing Call for Price *Paint services will be provided through our Partners.z



Generator Maintenance Services

Generator Maintenance Services Installation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance & Repair Services Looking for a reliable Generator Technician in Lahore? Look no further! We now offer Generator Maintenance Services for your homes and offices in Lahore. No job is too big for us. Our technicians can change oil & filters and do […]

Construction Management Services

Construction Management Services 24/7 HCMS (Pvt) Ltd. Construction Services Reliable, Trustworthy, and Quality Contractors   Looking for a contractor to build your dream house or plaza? We offer a premium construction management service in Islamabad. No job is too big for us. Our partner contractors can do any kind of […]